Andreas Paolo Perger

As guitarist, improviser and composer I feel so inspired by sound. It is my first source in order to create my repeatedly awarded music. Yes, I take care of sound!

If you search for a guitarist who interpretes, improvises, and composes at the same time? Whose music is much wider than typical genre categories? Who playes his very personal music in concert-halls and art-locations?

A guitarist who cares about tone? On the classical concert guitar, as well as on the electric concert guitar, where every string leads to another loudspeaker? Build for room-related guitar music with sound-art aesthetics?

Your search ends here and now! You are invited from the heart to my concerts, recordings, and workshops!

In 2018, I founded the KlanGalerie Berlin. The inspiring place for live concerts, live recording, and teaching in the heart of the city.

Since 2014 I play open concerts at Zionskirche Berlin regularly. The perfect acoustics for concert guitar! Please find the current dates here.

If you furthermore want your guitar, tubes, and loudspeakers sound more open and dynamic? I can help you with my experience of sound-refinement!

Sound is Expression and Inspiration! Get in Contact!